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A Letter To My Sister

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

You are respected. You are honored. You are prolific.

Poetic language acknowledging the struggles of Black women. Knowing that the lighter complected sister won't ever fully understand the effects of those who try to dissolve and disrupt the purity and beauty of that her darker complected sister encompasses.

Black woman, this is for you. You are a beautifully complected being. The essence of many dreams. I want to pay homage to your struggle, because I am aware that I will never know what that means. I don't fully understand what life is for you, because of my skin color, but I've always been aware, because that is the life that I was brought into. I was taught that your plight is much more heavy than others. I was taught to understand that the world was taught not to love you. I don't believe in those views, and I want you to know that I see you. I offer my support because I care. I care about how you are treated. I care about how you are viewed. Many years you've poured your heart into the families and fabric of this country, only hoping to be free. Free to be you, free to choose, free to be viewed as a necessity of our country, and others alike. Equity and equality. I am angry that the roads have been irrational and that you've had to fight. Fight as hard as they made you. The way that they've enslaved you. I want to see the brave you. As hard as it is, you deserve to know your worth, despite the generational curse. You are perfect.

Your hair.

Your lips.

Your hips.

Your song.

Your cry.

Your soul.

Your story.

Your LIFE.

All of the pieces to you are impeccable. That may be the reason you are feared. Your strength is immeasurable and I want to ensure you are as you appear.

"I want to pay homage to your struggle..."

Fearless. Strong. Resilient and far from wrong. Your experience is acknowledged and that's why I'm paying homage. You are not exaggerating the narrative that has followed, you. Since your ancestors experience. For everything you've been through, I'll stand in solidarity. Protect your image when it's damaged. When others can't understand it, I will. Your lightly complected sister, I'm right here. Colorism has pitted us against us, yet another systemic mind fuck. Thank you for the care and concern that you've shown so many. When things got rough, thank you for staying steady. You deserve more. You deserve the world and I hope you go on to believe it and instill it within your sons and baby girls. Better yet, I hope the system believes it, and those reparations, I hope that you receive it. So far we may have to go, before the world believes you are fully capable. But I will tell you everyday and try to show you along the way. With me, your story is safe, you deserve grace. Let your voice strike a chord and carry your message to bigger rooms, at the head of tables of orchestrated boards. You have to be heard. Better yet, you need to be seen. You are powerful. You are beautiful, please stay strong, Black Queen.

You are strong, even when you shouldn't have to be. You are powerful. You are beautiful.

This is a dedication to honor our sisters who were blessed with an abundance of melanin. This piece doesn't debate who has it worst, shame, or, discredit the experience of others. It is simply to show love and to give respect to our sisters.

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